Serenity has been around for nearly twenty years, and they're not planing on retiring any time soon! Their songs are inspired by famous historic persons like the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, Napoleon Bonaparte, Leonardo, Da'Vinci, etc. And are must haves for every melodic or symphonic metal fan.

Serenity sets the world on fire - stories about times long gone, catchy melodies and an unprecedented sound spectrum makes you never want to stop the music. For years, the band has been a prime example for epic symphonic and melodic metal with both, certain hardness and a lot of heart. Serenity has redefined themselves without forgetting their roots - be part of their grand journey!

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  • Memoria - The Show

    Follow SERENITY on a journey through time and experience the passage of past and present. Stories of ancient kings and queens and the mythical legends of the Scottish Highlands shall fill your ears with joy and your heart with suspense. Intertwining the tensions between death and legacy, SERENITY...

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