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New To Thunderflix
  • Paradise Lost At The Mill

    Recorded near the band's hometown in England, the CD/Blu-ray & vinyl is a 16-track live album filmed at The Mill. The release's content spans the band's 33 year career.


    In 2019, Noturnall became the first Brazilian band to shoot a DVD in Russia, during an extraordinary tour with American band Disturbed, which passed by the cities of St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Moscow, in front of a combined audience of over 30,000 people.


    Captured during Noturnall’s Redemption Tour 2019 with Mike Portnoy and Edu Falaschi. The song “Scream! For!! Me!!!” features two drummers playing simultaneously and dueling on stage, one of them being the legend Mike Portnoy and the other Noturnall’s Henrique Pucci.


    Shot at the breathtaking “Opera de Arame” (Wire Opera), a floating stage and famous music venue in Curitiba, Brazil, showing Noturnall’s super produced show, the first in South America to have drummer and drum kit spinning 360 degrees, becoming completely upside down, while the singer enters the ...


    Captured during Noturnall’s Redemption Tour 2019 with Mike Portnoy and Edu Falaschi. The song “Scream! For!! Me!!!” features two drummers playing simultaneously and dueling on stage, one of them being the legend Mike Portnoy and the other Noturnall’s Henrique Pucci. This show also presents a very...

  • The Electric Age - In The Studio With OVERKILL

  • The Electric Age - Blitz's Commentary

  • Doomsday L.A - HD Remaster

    Remastered exclusively for Thunderflix.

    Doomsday L.A. is the second live DVD released by Deicide. It was released shortly after the Doomsday L.A. live EP. The bonus material on the DVD includes interviews with the band members and the videos for "Homage For Satan" and "Desecration"

  • London Burns (Live show) - HD Remaster

    When London Burns is the first DVD released by American death metal band Deicide. It was released on March 7, 2006, by Earache Records. The extra features include a documentary entitled Behind the Scars, which discusses the production of the album Scars of the Crucifix.

  • Genus Ordinis Dei - The Beginning

    The new album by Genus Ordinis Dei titled, The Beginning, is symphonic death metal at its finest: epic with a deep groove, rich in story, insight, and atmosphere. While the songs are represented visually by stunning videos, (all created, filmed, and produced by the band members themselves), the a...

  • The Otherworldly Big Band Experience

    “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience” is about wanting to show even more of what ENSLAVED is: ENSLAVED is also an idea. It is a live band that is teeth-grittingly metal, has rock’n’roll in its DNA, while maintaining and expanding on its position as a groundbreaking progressive metal act. All whi...

  • Behind The Veil - The Making Of "RIITIIR"

    Enslaved RIITIIR
    Behind The Veil - The Making Of "RIITIIR"
    The Band, The Studios, The Artwork

  • Jinjer - Live in Los Angeles

    Bringing their intense stage show and trademark sound to the masses, JINJER will drops their first official live album, Live in Los Angeles, on May 17, 2024.

    Live in Los Angeles was recorded and filmed on December 22, 2022 at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

    The album contains16 songs i...

  • Beaten To Death at Rockefeller

    This unit was recorded live at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway, June 17, 2012, supporting Killswitch Engage. This is the complete show, unedited, and uncut. As always, Beaten To Death do not quantize, trigger, overdub, replace, repitch or retune.

    All errors are genuine. All videos and extr...

  • Unantastbar - Wir Leben Laut - Live

    The punk rockers from South Tyrol continue to rev up and present their live album Wir leben laut – Live to properly celebrate their 20 years of existence. For this work, UNANTASTBAR compiled the highlights of their Wir leben laut-tour in 2023, delivering an impressive collection of their greatest...

  • WINO: The Documentary


    WINO: The Documentary is the story of doom rock legend Scott 'Wino' Weinrich, known for his many influential bands such as The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, Spirit Caravan, The Hidden Hand, Premonition 13, Wino Acoustic, Place of Skulls, Shrinebuilder, Probot, and more.

    Dive into the outlaw life, epic ...

  • Unearth - Alive from the Apocalypse Live from Pomona, CA (OFFICIAL)

    This DVD retrospective spans the group's humble beginnings through their ascension to leaders of the metal genre. Shot at the Glasshouse in Pomona, California on October 9, 2007 by Doug Spangenberg and mixed by Unearth's Ken Susi. pans the group's humble beginnings through their ascension to lead...

  • Killswitch Engage - Live at the Palladium

    On August 6, 2021, three-time Grammy-nominated hard rock heavyweights and platinum-selling band Killswitch Engage unleashed a streaming event that took fans by storm. The event took place at The Palladium in Worcester in the band's native Massachusetts, which has been the site of many iconic KsE ...

  • A Distant (Dark) Source Experience

    HYPNO5E bring the haunting tones of their unique brand of avant-garde progressive metal up close with the physical release of A Distant (Dark) Source Experience, a streaming concert recorded earlier this year, consisting of a full performance of their latest studio album. Arising from the dry cul...

  • Brian Slagel - An Exclusive interview for Thunderflix

    With the excitement of adding Metal Blade Records to Thunderflix, we decided to do a bad ass interview, with great footage on top of the conversation we had with the one and only Brian Slagel.

  • Epica – Live At Paradiso 4K

    Initially recorded in 2006 at the beautiful Paradiso venue in Amsterdam, the performance has become shrouded in legend; often scheduled for release, it somehow never saw the light of day – until now!

    After being hidden away in a dark drawer for more than 16 years, ‘LIVE AT PARADISO’ is finally ...

  • Persona Non Grata - Bonus Blu Ray - Jam Camp!

    Bonus Blu Ray includes the Making Of Persona Non Grata.

    Welcome To Jam Camp!
    Rehearsals In The Mountains
    Jack Gibson
    Zetro Joins Jam Camp!
    Lee Altus
    Tom's Massive Flexibility
    Lotta Different Zetro
    Crazy Drum World
    Persona Non Grata
    The Bay Strikes Back
    Post-Pandemic Touring

  • Blood Upon The Stage (The Making Of "Blood In Blood Out")

    Tenth studio album by American thrash metal band Exodus. It was released on October 14, 2014 through Nuclear Blast, and is the band's first album with vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza since 2004's Tempo of the Damned.

    This is The Making Of Bonus DVD. Interviews, Backstage, Live tracks and more.

  • Live And Not Dead (Yet) Live At ,Bikini Test' (2010)

    1. Shamayim
    2. Firmament
    3. The First Commandment Of The Luminaries
    4. Metaphysics Of The Hangman
    5. Swallowed By The Earth
    6. Epiphany
    7. The Origin Of Species
    8. The Origin Of God
    9. Calymmian / Lake Disappointment
    10. Stenian / Mount Sorrow
    11. Queen Of The Food-Chain