Edguy was founded in 1992 by 14-year-old students Tobias Sammet, Jens Ludwig, Dominik Storch and Dirk Sauer. The name "Edguy" was an affectionate epithet for their math teacher at the time. In 1994, the band released two demos, Evil Minded and Children of Steel.

After more than two million discs sold with a usual entry in the Top-10 album charts and sold out shows and headlining tours in 39 countries all over Europe, America, Asia and Australia, Germany‘s “most different“ are back with a vengeance with their tenth studio album “Space Police“.

From Donington to Tokyo, Los Angeles to Rio de Janeiro: in the last 15 years they literally played every significant Heavy Metal stage around the globe.

When Heavy Metal was pronounced dead in the early nineties, a bunch of German kids set out from the middle of nowhere to fight all odds and in doing so conquered the hearts of a whole new generation of fans around the globe.

Never trying to live up to expectations of the music industry, press and fans alike, Germany‘s most successful nineties born Heavy Metal act, paved their way by designing their own cosmos - defined by authenticity, tongues that are firmly planted in cheeks and last but not at least their ongoing love for guitar-driven anthemic powerful music; beyond trends and the pigeonhole of the Heavy Metal archetype.

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  • Fucking With Fire - Live In Sao Paulo 2006

    Fucking With Fire - Live In Sao Paulo 2006

    Fucking with F*** - Live is a live concert by German power metal band Edguy. It is the band's second live album since Burning Down the Opera in 2003 and their first ever concert DVD, which was recorded during their Rocket Ride Tour in 2006 in São Paulo,...

  • Fucking With Fire - Documentary

    Road Movies

  • Monuments - Live in Brazil 2004

    Edguy concert from São Paulo, Brazil, 2004, during the Worldwide Hellfire Tour. First released in 2017 on the Monuments collection.

    1. Mysteria
    2. Under the Moon
    3. Navigator
    4. Wake Up the King
    5. Land of the Miracle
    6. Lavatory Love Machine
    7. Vain Glory Opera
    8. Fallen Angel...

  • Monuments - The Video Clips

    All the videoclips from Edguy

    Love Tyger
    Robin Hood
    Two Out Of Seven
    Ministry Of Saints
    Lavatory Love Machine
    King Of Fools
    All The Clowns