When heavy metal was born with a gigantic big bang in the early 1980s, a blonde, female star shone particularly brightly.
The star's name: DORO Pesch!

DORO's vocation as a "conqueress" and heavy metal heroine began in 1983 with the recording of " Burning The Witches", the debut album by WARLOCK.

While still in her teens,
DORO was immediately recognizable as the consummate metal frontwoman with her powerful voice and endless charisma. Also, the music she made was damn good.

DORO has been a tireless champion of the metal cause for four decades. In 2023 she will celebrate her 40th stage anniversary with two special anniversary shows (headliner in Wacken on August 2nd, big anniversary concert in Düsseldorf on October 28th) and the brand new studio album "Conqueress - Forever Strong And Proud", which will be released on 27.10.23 via Nuclear Blast and is already considered one of their greatest works.

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  • DORO - "30 Year Anniversary Show" Rock Night

    DORO - "30 Year Anniversary Show" Rock Night

    DORO welcomes several fantastic guests that will give their honors to the Metal-Queen on this big event. Amongst them of course Biff Byford, vocalist of legendary band SAXON as well as Chris Caffrey (TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Udo Dirkschneider (U.D.O...

  • DORO - "30 Year Anniversary Show" Classic Night

    DORO - "30 Year Anniversary Show" Classic Night

    Accompanied by brass, strings and her band, DORO will perform her most beautiful, emotional ballads like ‘Für Immer‘, ‘1000x Gelebt‘ or ‘Let Love Rain On Me‘ in the stylish surroundings of CCD Stadthalle. At this night big hits like ‘All We Are‘, ‘...

  • Doro - "30 Year Anniversary Show" Wacken Open Air

    Concert Movie
    "30 Year Anniversary Show" Wacken Open Air

    Wacken Anthem (We Are The Metalheads)
    Burning The Witches
    East Meets West (Featuring – Chris Boltendahl)
    Raise Your Fist In The Air
    Earthshaker Rock
    Breaking The Law (Featuring – Phil Campbell)
    All We Are (Featurin...

  • Inside The Heart Of Doro - Behind The Curtain (Subtitles Coming Soon!)

    Unique music movie with a two-hour plus documentary, "Behind The Curtain, Inside The Heart Of Doro". It gives the spectator deep and detailed insights into the world of Doro.

    Says Doro: "There's always great impressions from all over the world and never before seen pictures from our life behind ...

  • Bonus Tracks "30 Year Anniversary Show" Classic Night & Wacken

    "30 Year Anniversary Show" Classic Night

    Burn It Up
    Breaking The Law
    All We Are
    Metal Racer
    True As Steel
    Egypt (The Chains Are On) (Featuring – Chris Caffery)
    You've Got Another Thing Comin'(Featuring – Biff Byford)
    Drum Solo
    Ich Will Alles (Featuring – An...

  • "Rockhard Festival 2015" & "Russia Tour" 2015

    "Rockhard Festival 2015"
    Für Immer

    "Russia Tour" 2015
    Touch Of Evil
    I Rule The Ruins