Get ready to explore the gritty, no-holds-barred world of metal through the lens of some of the most captivating and badass documentaries around. From tales of legendary bands to deep dives into the origins of the genre, we've got everything you need to satisfy your hunger for metal knowledge.

  • Collective Oblivion - The Origin Of The Ocean

    Collective Oblivion - The Origin Of The Ocean

  • Primordial - All Empires Fall - Documentary

    Primordial - All Empires Fall - Documentary

    Gods To The Godless
    The History Of Primordial 1987-2010

  • Fool 'Em All! - Documentary & Gag Reel

    "Fool 'Em All" follows The Black Dahlia Murder on their 2013 World Tour with a full-length documentary and 14 song concert film, capturing the band in their native habitat on the 2013 US Vans Warped Tour and European Tour.

  • This Is Who We Are... From The Beginning - Documentary

    This Is Who We Are... From The Beginning - Documentary

    Complete band history includes in-depth artist interviews and commentary, interviews with friends and family, as well as observations and road stories from colleagues and bands that have worked with and befriended As I Lay Dying since the ba...

  • The Pursuit Of Vikings (25 Years In The Eye Of The Storm) - Documentary

    A retrospective documentary that features a wealth of live and behind-the-scenes content and extensive band interviews. This film tells the Swedish quintet’s history, through both their own eyes and those of the fans that have supported them along the way. It is a thrilling collection that pays r...

  • The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale


    "The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale" is a film about a band who have defied all the rules, for over 33 years and counting, and still managed to succeed and do it their own way. The Colossus Of Destiny - A Melvins Tale" is a film about a band who have defied all the rules, for over 33 years ...

  • DUFF McKAGAN Its So Easy (And Other Lies) Live At The Moore

    He was 20, living in his car and he answered an ad looking for a Bass player, signed by someone called simply Slash. Soon after, the most dangerous band in the world was born.

    This is the story of one man s rise to the pinnacle of fame and fortune, his massive crash and burn...and then his phoen...

  • The Original Charvel Gang

    This is the story of Wayne Charvel. Eddie Van Halen buys some seconds guitar parts from him and built his iconic black and white striped guitar that changes the course of guitar playing, manufacturing and music. In the late 70's Grover Jackson takes ownership of Charvel Mfg. and makes a custom gu...

  • Death Angel - A Thrashumentary (Full)

    Not every band can rise up to be musical legends, but every once in a while a group is able to exceed all expectations and define the boundaries of a genre. Among one of the youngest bands ever to storm the metal world, Death Angel have come to be known as one of the most influential bands to eme...

  • Making of Endless Forms Most Beautiful

    Full 90 min documentary on the making of Endless Forms Most Beautiful

  • The History of Metal and Horror

    The History of Metal and Horror is the documentary that explores the history of heavy metal music and horror, and how the two genres have merged over time. Various metal artists share their first introduction to horror, their favorite horror films, their influences, and more. Horror film icons al...

  • Rodrigo Y Gabriela

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    Rodrigo y Gabriela are a Mexican acoustic guitar duo whose music is influenced by a number of genres including nuevo flamenco, rock, and heavy metal. The duo's recordings consist largely of instrumental duets on the flamenco guitar.

  • Andre Matos: Maestro Do Rock (Episode II)

    Andre Matos – Maestro Do Rock – Episode II
    Documentary| 135’|4K UHD|color|Brazil|2023

    Much awaited by fans, the second film of the four that make up the documentary will show the Maestro's entry into the Santa Marcelina College of Music, where he met the friends with whom he would form Angra. T...

  • Play With The Devil - Becoming Zeal & Ardor


    With his band Zeal & Ardor, Swiss musician Manuel Gagneux was catapulted overnight from the underground to the big stages of the world.

    The bold mix of Black Metal and old work songs and field hollers by enslaved African-Americans – his answer to a racist provocation on the Internet – is politic...

  • Kittie Origins Evolutions


    The first and most popular all-female heavy metal band out of Canada explores their 1990's roots and their 25 years of breaking through barriers.

  • Autopsy Documentary: A History Of Horror

    The "Born Undead" DVD charters the birth, death and rebirth of the legends with an extensive documentary conducted with the band themselves, as they describe how the beast came to be, and the impact their music has had on the metal world over a span of more than 20 years.

    The film also document...

  • Odd Crew - Dark Matters (Part I) - The Movie

    From small children to big musicians - the film "Odd Crew - Dark Matters (Part I) - The Movie" - follows the inspiring story of some childhood dreams turned into reality. The story of a new album, hidden in the gray urban landscape, but hiding a whole journey behind it. The Bulgarian rock/metal b...

  • W.A.S.P. Re-Idolized - The Crimson Idol

    In 1992 W.A.S.P. released The Crimson Idol. It's the story of Jonathan Aaron Steele, an abused child looking for love. Discovering music years later, he rises to international superstardom. Later followed by a catastrophic fall. 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of the original release, which is st...

  • Andre Matos: Maestro Do Rock (Two Episodes)

    Movie + 1 extra

    With never-before-seen scenes – including the last interview with the artist months before he died – “Andre Matos – Maestro do Rock” traces the trajectory of the greatest Brazilian heavy metal vocalist of all time, who became famous worldwide even though he was averse to fame. .

    “Andre Matos – M...

  • There's Something About Metal


    Finland. A country of extremes. The repressive winters and vast dramatic landscapes give way to wild nights of drinking and a powerful appreciation of music. Metal music in Finland is not a part of the sub culture, it is part of the mainstream.
    The unsigned band Baton Rogue Morgue are in the p...

  • 1984 Riding Into Hell


    George Orwell may have predicted that in 1984 the world would be a colorless place where humans relentlessly bowed down to Big Brother, but in 1984 Riding Into Hell we find a much different world than the one he’d painted. The year is examined by taking a closer look at the insanity of the rock a...

  • Blackhearts


    What makes someone risk their life, get thrown in jail or sell their soul to Satan to make their dreams come true'BLACKHEARTS tells the compelling story of black metal musicians who risk it all. The genre gained worldwide notoriety due to links to Satanism, church burnings and murders in Norway. ...

  • Live from the Astroturf, Alice Cooper

    An independent record store owner and life-long Alice Cooper superfan, convinces the original lineup of his favorite band to reunite at his store over 40 years after they parted ways.

    Alice Cooper reunites with the surviving members of the original lineup of the band to perform a blistering set ...

  • Death - Death By Metal

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    Here comes DEATH's probing and pulsing rock doc, DEATH BY METAL, pulling back the palm fronds of DEATH's origins in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and latching a narrative hook into the headstrong Chuck Schuldiner juggernaut for fifteen gratifying if sometimes frustrating years. As the baby steps be...