Bonus DVD

Bonus DVD

Only on Thunderflix! Find those bonus DVD that were part of the original Ltd Edt of the CD!

Bonus DVD
  • Blood Upon The Stage (The Making Of "Blood In Blood Out")

    Tenth studio album by American thrash metal band Exodus. It was released on October 14, 2014 through Nuclear Blast, and is the band's first album with vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza since 2004's Tempo of the Damned.

    This is The Making Of Bonus DVD. Interviews, Backstage, Live tracks and more.

  • Persona Non Grata - Bonus Blu Ray - Jam Camp!

    Bonus Blu Ray includes the Making Of Persona Non Grata.

    Welcome To Jam Camp!
    Rehearsals In The Mountains
    Jack Gibson
    Zetro Joins Jam Camp!
    Lee Altus
    Tom's Massive Flexibility
    Lotta Different Zetro
    Crazy Drum World
    Persona Non Grata
    The Bay Strikes Back
    Post-Pandemic Touring

  • The Making Of "The Dream Calls For Blood"

    Bonus DVD: The Making Of "The Dream Calls For Blood"

  • Gods of Violence - Live At Wacken 2014

    Kreator - Live At Wacken 2014
    Bonus DVD on the Gods OF Violence release.

  • CoB- Halo of Blood - Making Of

    CoB- Halo of Blood - Making Of

    Halo of Blood is the eighth studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom. It was released on 7 June 2013 in Europe and 11 June in North America on Nuclear Blast Records. In Japan, the album was released by Marquee Inc. on 29 May 2013. This wou...

  • Van Canto - Live At Wacken Open Air 2011

    Bonus Live Concert from the album Dawn Of The Brave
    Live At Wacken Open Air 2011

    1. Lost Forever
    2. Wishmaster
    3. One To Ten
    4. Rebellion
    5. Primo Victoria
    6. To Sing A Metal Song
    7. The Bard's Song
    8. Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth
    9. The Mission
    10. Kings Of Metal
    11. Fear Of The Dark

  • Land - Live At Wacken 2007

    Bonus Album from Týr's LAND album including a concert live at Wacken 2007.

    The Edge
    Regin Smiður
    Lord Of Lies
    Hail To The Hammer
    Wings Of Time
    Ramund Hin Unge

  • Machine Head - Live at the Regency Ballroom

    Bonus DVD included in the limited digipack version of Catharsis, filmed at The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA, 21 February 2015.

  • CoB's - I Worship Chaos - Making Of

    I Worship Chaos is the ninth studio album by Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom. It was released on 2 October 2015

  • Ghost and Skulls - Rock Down the Lockdown

    Ghost And Skulls - Rock Down The Lockdown
    Live Streaming Lockdown Show 2021

    Devil's Eye
    Worlds Are Coming Through
    Falling Spiral Down
    Shiva's Tears
    Revealing The Darkness
    End In Sorrow
    Highs Without Lows
    The Pyre
    Jeanne Boulet (1764)
    All Those Words
    Escape The Silence
    Ravenous M...

  • Live At Bang Your Head 2017

    Live At Bang Your Head Festival 2017

    Bloodbound – Rise Of The Dragon Empire
    Bonus DVD Live Album

    Battle In The Sky
    Stand And Fight
    In The Name Of Metal
    When All Lights Fail
    Silver Wings
    Dragons Are Forever
    Made Of Steel

  • Blackmore's Night

    4 items

    Blackmore's Night were founded in 1997 by legendary guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and award-winning lyricist and singer Candice Night to stage and explore their love for traditional Medieval and Folk-Rock music. Together, they created a band that like very few others is a prime example of truthfuln...

  • Live in Carthage - Making Of

    Myrath - Live in Carthage - Making Of

  • Lake Of Tears

    5 items

    LAKE OF TEARS is the perfect soundtrack for short, grey days and long, cold, dark nights. Daniel Brennare, is the head and heart of the Swedish pioneers of dark music.

    Rooted in illness and depression, in days of grey. These moments, burdensome and overwhelming, are dissected and then reassemble...

  • Black Messiah

    1 item

    One of the leading German pagan metal bands.

    It all started in 1992, when BLACK MESSIAH where founded as a pure old-school black metal band. They first followed the path of their idols Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Possessed and recorded a demo in 1995. In 1996 the first important change came...

  • Debauchery

    4 items

    Founded in 2000 as Maggotcunt before changing their name in 2002, Debauchery was formed by the current vocalist, guitarist and bass guitarist Thomas Gurrath and the former drummer Dani.

    Debauchery is a German death metal band from Stuttgart.

    The band's themes are mainly war and death, often inv...

  • Kissin' Dynamite

    13 items

    Kissin' Dynamite is a German heavy metal band from Burladingen and Münsingen.

    Kissin' Dynamite started as a school band. Since 2007, the band has worked with the Flensburg production team Elephant Music. At the end of 2007, they started sending demos to various music labels, leading to a record ...

  • Brainstorm - Scary Creatures Over Europe 2016

    German power metallers Brainstorm released their new album, Scary Creatures, on January 15t, 2016.

    Bonus DVD - Should Of Fire, Live 2014

  • Brainstorm - Scary Creatures: Bonus Disc / Souls Of Fire - Live 2014

    Highs Without Lows
    Worlds Are Coming Through
    Erased By The Dark
    Descendants Of The Fire
    Entering Solitude
    Recall The Real
    Feed Me Lies
    What Grows Inside
    The Chosen
    And I Wonder
    Shiva's Tears
    Temple Of Stone
    Fire Walk With Me
    All Those Words

  • Orden Ogan - Live In Wacken 2010

    Orden Ogan - To The End: Bonus Disc
    Live In Wacken 2010

  • Tankard - Vol(l)ume 14 (bonus DVD)

    The Morning After
    Zombie Attack
    Slipping From Reality
    Stay Thirsty!
    Die With A Beer In Your Hand
    Need Money For Beer
    Chemical Invasion
    Octane Warriors
    666 Packs
    (Empty) Tankard

  • J.B.O - 11 Liebesgrüße An J.B.O. (Love to J.B.O)

    Bonus DVD on Album 11

  • Bloodbound – One Night Of Blood - Bloody Documentary (Bonus Feature)

    Bloodbound – One Night Of Blood - Bloody Documentary (Bonus Feature)

  • Tankard - Thirst - Drinking Man's Band (Documentation)

    Tankard - Thirst - Drinking Man's Band (Documentation)
    Bonus Disc