Between The Buried & Me

Between The Buried & Me

Between the Buried and Me, often abbreviated as BTBAM, is an American progressive metalcore band from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Between the Buried and Me has been classified as progressive metalcore, progressive metal technical death metal, metalcore, and avant-garde metal, along with various musical styles: "One minute the band may be playing thrash metal and the next they're flowing into death metal growls and thick guitar riffs... the metal take on things can seemingly change in a flash as lead singer Tommy Rogers fleshes out his vocals and utilizes the keyboards to create something that sounds more like it should be on a Smashing Pumpkins album"

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Between The Buried & Me
  • Coma Ecliptic: Live

    Coma Ecliptic: Live - Between the Buried and Me

    Between The Buried & Me is a band of the modern METAL scene American style that, with a rather EXTREME METAL style, evolved their music into one PROGRESSIVE METAL complex, pulled, modern but also melodic, technical / virtuous and original. Their Si...

  • Future Sequence : Live At The Fidelitorium

    Between the Buried and Me are proud of LIVE AT THE FIDELITORIUM!
    The concept behind this project is in contrast with the band's ambitious and impressive live stage productions - this will feature the band in a small studio, an intimate setting in which they will perform THE FUTURE SEQUENCE album...

  • BTBAM : Behind The Scenes

    BTBAM : Behind The Scenes

  • BTBAM : The Parallax Interviews

    BTBAM : The Parallax Interviews