Avatarium is a Swedish doom metal band from Stockholm, founded by Candlemass member Leif Edling in 2013.

Avatarium is a band that blends heavy riffs with acoustic and soulful music. The music is dark (even though some light every so often can be seen behind the dark clouds) and moves from extremely thunderous moments to bluesy dark gospel and acoustic numbers.
You will find very different influences like blues, jazz, doom and extreme metal. This creates the unique sound and feel of Avatarium.
The band is fronted by the powerful, emotional and charismatic singer Jennie-Ann Smith and is known for being one of the true live bands out there that still creates music in the moment.

The music is described by the band as Dark, Heavy and Poetic.

The lyrics are dealing with thoughts and ques

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    Live at Hammer of Doom 2014

    Bird Of Prey
    All I Want
    Tides Of Telepathy
    Deep Well
    Pandora's Egg